Those who experience issues with trauma or anxiety, whether at the dentist or elsewhere, are welcome to book an appointment for a one-off consultation or ongoing psychotherapy, in our on-site consulting room. Marni Alexander, our registered, accredited psychotherapist and nutritionist has extensive experience working with anxiety and trauma, as well as dealing with and treating eating disorders.

Treatment plans will be personalised in an holistic manner to offer EMDR therapy for trauma, NLP, coaching or traditional psychotherapy and counselling emanating from an existential perspective. Because nutrition and lifestyle play an enormous part in our overall well-being, clients interested in evaluating the impact of their eating habits may wish to implement this into their therapy. Marni’s ‘Smart App’ allows for a dynamic exchange between daily food intake, with goal-setting and ongoing communication between therapist and client.

Patients with issues relating to depression, stress, relationship issues and couples seeking counselling are also invited to make contact for a session by calling Reception or using our online booking system.

Marni Alexander

MA, BACP, UKCP, IRegNutr, MPED; BACP Membership No. 565580, UKCP Reg No. 05157091