At QRDC, our initial consultation provides us with the opportunity to meet our new patients and to learn more about your medical and dental history, background and personal factors that may have an impact on your dental treatment plan. You can expect us to take a set of small bite-wing radiographs that enable us to see your teeth, restorations and bone levels that are not otherwise visible. We also conduct a careful examination of the gums, soft tissues and tongue to report any abnormalities or points of concerns. We often take clinical photographs that are very helpful when discussing your treatment options. Examples of relevant, previously treated cases are often used to provide illustrations of different treatment alternatives and results, which will help you make an informed choice perfectly tailored to your needs.

We invite our patients to ask questions and endeavour to provide a clear understanding of the diagnosis as well as the various options available in achieving a healthy and beautiful smile. We always strive to give a clear indication of any costs involved and the number of visits and time frame required to achieve the best results. At QRDC we understand that some necessary dental work can be costly, so treatment plans are tailored to accommodate our patient’s best interests and bespoke payment options are available.