Where needed, general fillings help fully restore the look and function of existing teeth, helping prevent further decay and possible tooth loss. The option of cosmetic white fillings creates a smooth and attractive appearance that is both hardwearing and aesthetically pleasing. Root fillings, where necessary, tackle more progressed decay to help restore function and prevent loss of the tooth. Where invasive treatment is required we offer solutions to fit your personal needs. Cosmetic white fillings offer a strong and durable option that gives you the confidence to laugh spontaneously without feeling conscious of your filings. If your teeth require a little more work, ceramic crowns and veneers provide tailored tooth restoration to help you achieve a naturally whiter, brighter and more uniform smile. Dr Stefan has undergone post-graduate study to deliver a world-class cosmetic restoration, especially for fillings required on the visible (labial) surface of the tooth.

Our dentists can also remove your old amalgam fillings, resulting in a significant reduction in body burden and waste product load of mercury. Total reduction in mercury levels in blood and urine is often over 80% within a few months. On average, those with 29 amalgam surfaces excreted over three times more mercury in urine than those with 3 amalgam surfaces. Thousands of documented cases show significant improvement of serious and chronic health problems after removal.