Extractions are undertaken with the highest level of care possible, to minimise bone loss and promote healing. Whether it is an impacted wisdom tooth or progressive decay, we offer pain-free injections and techniques that reduce the trauma associated with extractions in any age group. To prevent ‘drifting’, the movement of other teeth when adjacent teeth are extracted, we offer implants, mini-implants, bridges or dentures. These can be used to fill unsightly gaps and prevent the movement of other teeth into the resulting space. Dr David or Dr Stefan will provide you with all the options available; so do not hesitate to inquire if you have gaps from previous extractions.


Feeling Gappy?

If an extraction is planned in advance, you will not need to be left with a gap in your smile. Treatment planning means we can prepare a temporary bridge or immediate denture to ensure your smile remains intact, even after the necessary loss of multiple teeth. You can find information on Extraction Aftercare in our Fees and Forms area.


Avoid Tooth Loss

At QRDC, we aim to avoid the extraction of healthy teeth; both deciduous and adult. The maintenance of the health of every deciduous tooth is essential, as baby teeth elicit a piezo-electric stimulant effect via their roots, which promotes the underlying jawbone to grow and develop. So when you pull out baby teeth prematurely to ‘make room’ for adult teeth, you are actually removing the bone developing stimulus. This is precisely why maintaining healthy teeth is so important to the development of the jaw as they ultimately help provide the space for adult teeth to locate themselves. In addition, the lower deciduous molar teeth have a vital function in preventing the lower permanent molars from drifting forward and entrapping the lower pre-molar. Thus, they are essential for maintaining stability in the lower jaw.


Keep your Teeth Healthy

Premature loss of the deciduous molars should be avoided at all cost and we provide advice on correct tooth brushing techniques, diet and fluoride treatments to help maintain healthy dentition from an early age. Fissure sealants can be beneficial for patients who display susceptibility to tooth decay, so your child’s teeth are carefully screened for the need of this protective procedure.


Adult Tooth Loss

We also try to save every adult tooth possible, as the consequence of removing healthy adult teeth is associated with surrounding bone loss in the jaw. This is why Dr Stefan is keen to eliminate extractions by developing the jaw to accommodate overcrowding, which almost always results in an overall better cosmetic profile, and will reduce the physical problems associated with overcrowding, such as TMJ, jaw aches and clicking jaws later on in life.