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Consultation & General Dental Work

Treatments Cost
Initial Consultation£ 100
Routine Check Up (6 monthly)£ 55
Bite Wing X Rays£ 45
Bridgesfrom£ 1365
Crowns - Bonded Porcelainfrom£ 795
Dentures F/F Acrylic£ 1750
Dentures Partial£ 900
Extractions£ 150
Extractions Requiring Surgeryfrom£ 250
Root Fillings - Single Rooted Teethfrom£ 450
Implant Retained Crown£ 1400
OPG X Ray or Lateral X Rays (Full Mouth)£ 65
Orthodontic Consultation (Children)FREE
Orthodontic Consultation (Adults) *£ 95
White Fillings - Simple One Surfacefrom£ 100
White Fillings - Extensive Three + Surfacefrom£ 250
Veneers - Per Tooth£ 795

* Orthodontic Consultation (Adult) includes HD photographs, treatment plan options, case comparisons etc.

Cosmetic & Specialist

Treatments Cost
Botox or Dermal Fillersfrom£ 200
Nutritional Consult or Psychotherapy£ 100
Somnowell Device (Snoring)£ 1700

Dental Hygienist

Treatments Cost
Scale & Polish (30mins - Includes Gingival & Periodontal Assessment)£ 70
Deep Scale & Root Planing (60mins)£ 140
Phillips In-Surgery Whitening£ 695
Teeth Whitening Trays & Kit£ 395

Emergency Consultations

Treatments Cost
Emergency Consultations (During Surgery Hours)£ 55
Emergency Call Outs
(Outside Surgery Hours)
Out of normal surgery hours: 6PM - 8AM weekdays, weekends and bank holidays. Fee may exclude the cost of any work done at the appointment.£ 250